We create detailed documentation:
Sargent Home & Business Inventory Services works with you to create detailed documentation. If you have a loss, we want you to have thorough records. We take the time and care to document your property as though it were our own. We are experienced and fully equipped to efficiently conduct your inventory.

When you schedule your inventory:
You will receive a packet of tools including lists of the type of property you will want to detail in your inventory and what information should be recorded about these items. We also give you additional tools you may use to record important information for safe storage along with your inventory materials. 

When Your Inventory is completed:
You promptly receive a portfolio containing your video on DVD, your database and digital pictures on a CD, and a printed spreadsheet with all the data. This portfolio is suitable for storage in your safe deposit box.

 Video Service 
Interior and Exterior:
Using high quality digital video we document the exterior of your home or business. This includes the landscaping and architectural features that make your home unique. In rural areas this can include barns, storage buildings and their contents, water systems, hydroelectric and solar systems, farm equipment, etc.
Next we document the interior of your home or business working room by room. You may narrate the video as much or as little as you like. We encourage you to include contents of cupboards, closets, attics, and storage areas.

Permanent DVD:
Your video is transferred to DVD for long term safe storage outside your home or office. 
  Database and Digital Pictures 

High quality documentation:
Working on site with a laptop computer and high quality digital camera, we record the significant details about your valuable property. This includes the information you will need in the event of an insurance claim. We detail your "scheduled" property (that which is listed on your homeowner policy), your appraised or "should be appraised" items, and other non-standard property such as valuable rugs, fine furniture, jewelry, silverware, fine china, collectibles, firearms, fine art, etc.
Next we take digital pictures of these items. These pictures include identifying details such as signatures, engravings or other markings that identify your property. The pictures are cross-referenced to your database.

Our service includes free minor updates and changes to your database during the first year.


Permanent CD:
Your database and digital pictures are stored on CD and presented in your portfolio with a printed spreadsheet for quick reference. Database information can also be sorted and reported to meet your needs. For example, we like you to have a "value report by category". This is a great tool to use when reviewing your personal property coverage with your insurance agent!
  Archiving Service 

Copy or Scan Important Documents:
While in your home we invite you to use our copier/scanner to archive your important records. Purchase receipts, certificates of authenticity, appraisal records or other documents proving ownership and value of your possessions can be scanned right into your inventory records. Take advantage of this service to make copies of other important personal documents as well.
  Annual Updates 

Easy to Stay Up-To-Date:
Our annual update service keeps your records current. We recommend revisiting your inventory on an annual basis. 

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We will create detailed documentation of your property and possessions with digital cameras and camcorders, and a complete written inventory. Which is presented in an easy to read and understand packet for  you to keep in a safe place.
We can also store an extra copy of your work in a safe location.

Easy to Stay Up-To-Date
We offer "Annual Update Services" to keep your inventory current.
  Digital Photos       Digital Video          Stored on flashdrive    
Making a Home Inventory 

A good home inventory record is the best way to protect your belongings in the event your home is destroyed by a hurricane, a fire or other covered disaster.

A home inventory helps you to:

■Purchase enough insurance to replace the items you own
■Get insurance claims settled faster
■Substantiate losses for income tax purposes
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